EasiWipe Multipurpose Cleaning Cloth (6 Pcs in 1 Pack)

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Whether you’re cleaning a messy home, car or tackling messy office, EasiWipe Multipurpose Cleaning Cloth is sure to be a time-saver. It is super absorbent, ultra-soft and quick dry. Great in removing dust, grease, smudges, fingerprints and dirt from any surfaces. Superb in polish without leaving any scratches, streaks, marks or lint. Besides, it helps you get the job done without harsh chemicals. 

It is neither too big nor too small. The perfect size for your daily cleaning needs. Rinse and dry between tasks. Toss in the laundry - not a landfill - to refresh. Durable enough to save you money!

Size : 35cm x 35cm (14’ x 14’) ±
Color : Assorted
Weight : 38g ± / piece
Material : Soft Microfiber
Areas to use : Home, office and car

Care Instructions :

Always wash prior first time use to ensure the best soakage. Colours display might slightly different from actual products. Please refer to our Colour Disclaimer for more info.